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There is more than one artist with the name "Paper": 1. Solo Project from Dashboard Confessional drummer Mike Marsh 2. A Spanish musician 3. A band from Middletown, Connecticut 4. A band from Stockholm, Sweden 1) Mike Marsh is a world-renowned, award-winning drummer from Miami, FL with a career spanning over 20 years. He is best known for his tenure in Dashboard Confessional, as his drumming is featured on all studio albums and subsequent tours. In 2008, Mike began writing a series of songs that culminated in his first solo effort, Paper. Blending Abacab and Duke era Genesis with his own modern style, Mike is exploding onto the solo scene with an honest, refreshing blast of prog/pop – providing fun, catchy songs with a dark twist that compel you to sing along. Paper’s debut album, Sunbeam, is due to be released in the Spring of 2012. 2) A pseudonym of Pablo Bolivar, Spanish tech-house producer and member of Pulshar. 3) A band from Middletown, Connecticut. It includes the members Aaron and Adrianne Snow, who are from the band Landing. Their music might be described as spacerock, kraut, or shoegaze. Quoted from their myspace page: "We create music together that is inspired by drone music, tryps, and repetition, mixed with a bit of spacey poppy crud. Adrienne and Aaron have played in bands such as Landing, Surface of Eceyon, White Rainbow, and Dragon. We are 2/5ths of Landing, having formed that band together in 1998 along with Dick Baldwin and Daron Gardner. Paper is our brand new project." Aaron Snow: guitars, synthesizers, synthesized beat forming, drums, bass Adrienne Snow: vocals, synthesizer Their new album is called "As As", 2007, States Rights Records 4) A band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Calle Olsson (Bear Quartet and Paddington DC), Tobias Rask and Peter Backebo.

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