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Paperclip biography

Paperclip (real name Pavel). He was born in 1987 in Moscow, Russia. Even in his childhood his parents noticed he was a very talented kid and placed him in an art school. He had not been thinking about being a musician after in years, until he heard some broken beats of an old jungle tune. So that's how Pavel's career began in 2001. Loads of tracks in different styles (everything from hip-hop to uplifting trance) had been written since 2001, and only in 2003 Paperclip produced his first drum&bass tune. Not long after he realized that drum&bass was a drug, and there was no way back. His dip into the abyss of broken rhythms was impetuous and irreversible. Rest of the music just became irrelevant. A bit later, the preferences became obvious - neurofunk, mainstream, technoid, and Stakka & Skynet, Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, Cause 4 Concern, Teebee, Ram Trilogy, Usual Suspects and Bad Company UK became his favorite producers and a sort of virtual tutors. Listening to their music, Pavel aimed to reach the sound which could be consistent with the sound of his idols. Years of hard work have helped Paperclip not only answer their sound, but even work out his own signature. There was one problem after all the quality was something to be desired in his tracks. This problem got solved when Pavel began to post his tunes on music forums: people helped with their advice, and in this manner the quality of his tunes gradually improved. At the present time, Pavel cooperates with many Russian and foreign producers, radio stations and labels.

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