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papercranes is the musical home of Rain Phoenix. Born as a studio project in L.A., papercranes quickly grew into a band splitting time between Gainesville, Florida and New York City. After a self-released EP in 2003 and debut album "Vidalia" in 2006, papercranes played frequently, touring the US with their folk-tinged psychedelic sound. In late 2008, with the help of some of Rain's longtime friends, musicians, and writers she began work on papercranes sophomore album, "Let's Make Babies in the Woods". The recording sessions were experimental, allowing no rest or retakes as an exercise in 'stream of consciousness' writing - a recurring theme for papercranes. Due to the intensity of the sessions and the non linear production style she favored, there's a rawness to this record untapped in papercranes earlier works. Recorded in a garage studio in Los Angeles, the resulting nine-song collection delves into much darker themes. This is evident in songs like "Shell", "Synapses" and "Dust Season" where desolate imagery meet rebellious melody and angry rhythms. Whereas tracks like "Warrior", "Headphones" and "Long Way" seem almost biographical with observances that are poetic yet accessible. Previous to papercranes, Rain Phoenix worked with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Angela McCluskey, The Causey Way and is a performer with the notorious NYC political cabaret The Citizen's Band. "Let's Make Babies in the Woods" will be released on Manimal Vinyl 1/24/2010. Former and occasional band members Aaron Kant, Peter Mcneal, Margaret Briggs, Alexis Fleisig, John Jackson, Jack Irons (drums) Jason Chesney, Mike Rotolante, Daniel Green, Mark McAdam, Flea, Andy Lord, Todd Dalhoff (bass) Myles Matheny, Kirk Hellie, Michael Tubbs, Mark McAdam (Guitar) Summer Phoenix, Jenny O, Dave (piano/keyboard) Amy Cavanaugh, Julia Kent, Dermot Mulroney, Matt Cooker (cello) Scott McCaughey (pump organ) Michael Amish (programming/bass/keyboards/rhodes/wurlitzer/guitar) Liberty Phoenix (backup vocals)

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