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Papermoon biography

Papermoon may refer to one of several bands. 1.) Papermoon is a Viennese duo, who had a successful career with quiet music (guitar and vocal), during the 1990s, predominantly in Austria. The project was founded in 1991 by Christof Straub (guitar) and Edina Thalhammer (vocals). After their song "Night After Night" received frequent airplay on the Austrian radio station Ö3 in 1992, they signed a recording contract. The first album went double platinum with total sales over 100000. Both of the followup albums went gold. The most familiar titles are "Tell Me A Poem" and "Lucy's Eyes." Edina Thalhammer left the group in 1996, for a period of almost seven years, and was replaced by Roumina Straub, and for a short time, by Barbara Pichler. During this time, a maxi-single and a "Best Of" album (with three new titles) were released. Edina Thalhammer attempted a solo career with the project "Tau" in 2002. The original members of Papermoon are back together as of 2004. After an unsuccessful nomination in 2005 for the album "Come Closer," Papermoon was awarded the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the "Pop/Rock Group" category in 2006 for the album "True Love." 2.) The second "Papermoon" is a rock band from Boston fronted by guitarist David Messier.

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