Papillon top 20 songs


Papillon biography

There have been a number of bands with the name Papillon, but five are reflected on the page: 1. Thai Pop transgender Supergroup formed in 2010 featuring Venus, Nok Yollada, Lukpad,Kate and Ex and released the single Dangerous the same year. They are the brainchild of record producer/song writer Marco Krismann and Ingo Schooner. 2. An alternative rapper from Quebec. 3. Psychedelic French pop group from California, led by Mikael Jehanno. 4. A sakedol pop duo from Japan formed in 2007 consisting of Nagi Yuzuhara and Miri Ayana usually associated with the Cure label. 5. An alias of Jean F. Cochois, better known as Deep House DJ/Producer The Timewriter. As Papillon, he produced "Strong Blend", "Sometimes" and "Higher".

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