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Paprika Korps is a alternative heavy reggae band from Poland and among the hardest touring Polish bands, domestic as well as abroad. Their touring list over the last three years contains well over 200 gigs in 20 European countries. The summer of 2003 you could experience Paprika Korps live in Moscow, as well as on the artic circle in Finland. Or you could see them in Germany, Belgium and Ireland in addition to several shows in Poland. This heavy touring schedule has earned the band the nickname "The Heavy Reggae Travellers". The music has been described as an interesting combo of reggae, dub and punk. One journalist wrote: "...heavy roots rockers style, reggae vibe without compromise, warrior directions, not sunshine..." They have so far played several international festivals and published 3 official albums. This tour 2004 promotes their third album, titled "Telewizor", released on their own independent label "Karrot Kommando". Paprika Korps in internet:

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