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Parachute Musical isn't what it used to be. Since it's conception in 2003, the Nashville-based, piano-fronted indie rock quartet is building a better city with perfect song-craft, highly energetic performances, and a hearty work ethic. Since the sold-out show for their sophomore release, Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town (2008), these charmingly handsome brunettes have been touring the U.S. coast to coast for two years now and have built up quite a loyal following in the process. It's the good looks really, though. D.C. natives Josh Foster (vocals/piano), Tom Gilbert (guitar/vocals), and Ben Jacoby (drums) deposited themselves into Nashville just a year before releasing Everything is Working Out, and work out it did. The guys settled in place after discovering Tennessee music man Andrew Samples (bass/vocals). Foster's soaring voice and detailed compositions are the perfect home for Gilbert's unique, artistic style on guitar, and Samples' driving bass sparks a fire under Jacoby, setting ablaze a well-matched rhythm section. New songs are now pouring out of them! Their latest single, No Comfort, was released in January 2010, kicking off another whole year of touring. The single features two new songs recorded with Nashville producer Derek Garten, whom the band worked with on the previous record. The new sound is a step ahead in the right direction. Foster's lyrics remain heartfelt while the music becomes stronger. It is original and well-rehearsed; they're so tight you'd swear they were all wearing girdles. These guys are having fun, no doubt about it, and there isn't another band in Nashville more ready to be taken seriously. -- Follow on Twitter | Become a fan on Facebook |

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