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Parachutes biography

There are at least two bands called Parachutes. 1. An Icelandic experimental music duo 2. A German post-hardcore band 1.) Parachutes (based in Reykjavik, Iceland) was the music of Alex Somers and Scott Alario, who took their name from the seeds of a dandelion flower. They began in 2003 with homemade bedroom recordings, and soon moved to recording songs in their kitchen, and expanded their live band to include six other members. Alex and Scott play lots of different toys and instruments and often sample objects from around the house. Their music develops organically, with layers of acoustic instruments, old marching drums and gentle, hushed vocals. The pair released two albums, both self-released, in handmade packaging. Somers and Alario also released an EP entitled Tree Roots in 2008, which was mixed by Jón Þór Birgisson (Sigur Rós) and featured the strings of Amiina. The duo announced in 2009 that they were no longer creating music together, and announced that all of their releases would be made available for free on their MySpace page. The band also released free remastered versions of their releases on their Bandcamp page in 2013. 2.) Parachutes are playing their Post-Hardcore tunes in the current line-up since 2004. They supported bands like Taking back Sunday (US), The Used (US), Rise against (US), Underoath (US), Caliban, Boysetsfire (US), From autumn to ashes (US), Silverstein (CAN), Spitalfield (US), The hurt process (GB), Aiden (US), the blackout (GB), Hand to Hand (US), Across five Aprils, On the last day, Scars of tomorrow, Waterdown, And the winner is, That very time I saw, the Coalfield, Days in grief, Three minute poetry, Diatribe, A Case of Grenada, Tribute to Nothing (GB), Fire in the Attic, Tiger Lou (SWE) and Festivalshows Donots, Fettes Brot, Alexisonfire, Moneen, Randy, Maxeen or Blackmail and hundreds of others. After a lot of touring europe the band released their first full length record “And I won’t stop until you’ve lost everything you ever loved” on UKs Lockjaw Records in 2006. With awesome reviews by the well known music-press (Kerrang, Big Cheese, Visions, Ox, Greenhell) As a two times winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the bands (in 2006 and 2007) The Parachutes played the Rockstar Taste of chaos – Tour in Munich and Saarbrücken. The year 2008 will be the year of the dawning of „vultures“ the new and upcoming full length record of The Parachutes (out on Redfield records / Cargo on the 15th of february 08) With Phil Hillen (SU2 Studios Illingen / Powerwolf) as their producer and Troy Glessner (Spectre Studios / Norma Jean, Underoath, He is legend / Beloved / Emery / Haste the day) for the mastering The Parachutes brought their music to a new level. The Artwork is provided by Mark Krämer of ME23 (Deadlock, Caliban, Fear my thoughts) Now the future is wide open for this explosive five piece band band from south-western germany.

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