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Parade Ground were a largely unknown synth pop duo, consisting of Belgian brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly. In 1983 they released their debut EP Moans on the Sly on the New Dance Label. This began their on-going affiliation with producer Daniel B., a member of the seminal Front 242. The following year they released Man in a Trance on Front 242's label Mask including the pulsating track The Net. Continuing with more EPs their first true sign of recognition came when the A-Side from their Strange World 12" was included on the definitive compilation album This is Electronic Body Music in 1987, giving way to their only full length album, and only record issued on CD, entitled Cut Up (1988). To help them out afterward, Front 242 brought the brothers in to collaborate on the songwriting for their 1993 album Up Evil. "Rosary", the second album of Parade Ground will feature 15 brand new tracks, each preceded by a musical overture. While their previous record was produced by Daniel B. (Front 242) and Colin Newman (Wire) it is now Patrick Codenys (Front 242) who was in charge.

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