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Paradigm refers to at least five entities: [1] A USA synthpop group, formed in 1996. [2] A Cornwall, UK drum n bass producer. [3] An Australian extreme progressive metal band, formed in 2005. [4] A USA prog-jazz / art rock group, formed in 2004. [5] A UK group, formed in 2001. [1] A USA synthpop duo of Adam Sorensen and Mike Babbitt (aka Midihead and Monolithic). They débuted with Lifeline (1996, A Different Drum) and their latest is Girders Under A Steel Sky (Jan 2010, Noecho). Sites: Discogs. [2] A pseudonym of Cornwall, UK drum n bass / minimal drum n bass producer Simon Wallace (b. 1993). Releases include the tracks: "Understand The Truth - Original Mix", "Just Remember (original)", "Modern Fortunes (Original Mix)" and "Sunrise". Sites: SoundCloud and Facebook. [3] A Sydney, Australia professional progressive metal band, that strives to be original, unrelenting in pushing the envelope for themselves and metal. Sites: Facebook. [4] A Louisville, KY, USA, post-jazz / acid rock band, consisting of: Brian Healey (keyboard, samples), Jonathan Epley (guitar), Myron Koch (saxophone), Evan Pouchak (drums) and Dave Alfred (bass). They create anthems for the subconscious. The music flits in and out of genres and moods: at times heavy and driving, sometimes funky and joyous, and other times drifting in dreamy sonic explorations. It is ambient, yet harmonically complex, with powerful themes that propel the music ever forward. Paradigm constructs memorable melodies that haunt the mind for days on end, providing a soundtrack to the movie that is life. Hailing from New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Maine, and Tennessee, the members of Paradigm came together in 2004, and wowed audiences from the get-go. Individual members have shared the stage with an assortment of musicians from a wide range of genres, including: Clark Terry, Paquito D’Rivera, Keller Williams, Delfeayo Marsalis, Vince Welnick, Andy Narell, and members of Garaj Mahal. In fact, within months of forming, they found themselves sharing intimate bills and appearances with nationally recognized and popular talent, such as the Benevento/Russo Duo and The Codetalkers. Jazz is the common ground, yet the members of Paradigm, each of whom is constantly in demand for freelance work and various other musical projects, all bring a unique accent to the group’s collective voice. Paradigm blends modern jazz exploration with the raw power and sonic possibilities of indie rock, with some prog tendencies thrown in for good measure. Call it “prog-jazz art rock.” Sites: ReverbNation and Facebook. [5] In the summer of 2001 Paradigm was formed as a basis for establishing true 'Found Sound' music. Something that didn't fully take form until 2006 when these two British artists finally perfected their material. A special Genre, the duo states "True sound is something that people need to hear in order to feel the world around us. Really connect with it." Early recordings featured minimalist acoustic guitar strumming and basically finding any object and recording several sounds from it, even if that object happens to be a pencil. An intricate and sometimes frustrating recording procedure, the duo finally released their first self-financed début album entitled ‘Textured Sound’ in 2008. It was essentially a well-produced demo, and the intention was to mail it out to record companies and artists that the pair were listening to at that point. ‘Textured Sound’ was a collection of spacious, gnarled and glacial tones and dissonant, melancholy melodies over sparse droning beats, but with a curiously deliberate ‘broken-ness’ to the production. Having released their début outing, the two Brits are now looking to fully realise this exciting new outlook toward music. Paradigm is Dante Knoxx and Zakk Altair. Sites: MySpace.

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