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Japan (2007-present) Fusing jazz, rock, and soul into a frenzied but melodic chaos, Paradise Lunch is an all-female jazz band best known for their track Gun's & Roses featured in Baccano!, a hit anime series back in 2007. They soon released their debut EP and gained strong support especially among anime fans as they sold more than 10,000 copies in Japan alone. On March 2010 they released their new album Here's Paradise Lunch, featuring new versions of Gun's and Roses and more mature and organic jazz sounds, as well as new members. Members Chizuru Segawa - guitar Hina - bass Yoko Kanenari - drums Saori Komatsubara - keyboards Madoka Nanazawa - tenor, alto and baritone sax, flute and clarinet Tomoko Yokoyama - tenor and alto sax and flute Sakiko Kakimoto - trumpet Saori Motomura - vocals

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