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Paragraph biography

Paragraph is a group of super neat guys from Staten Island, New York with the power to get you dancing, even without becoming inebriated prior to hearing the magic. Members include Daniel Scott Lane, Joe Frank Imburgio, Michael Jordan Gagliardi / Tony Legend / Little Baby Mikey, and introducing Million Dollar Bill and Danny Bradley. "Everything from the soothing falsetto to the porn-flic guitar licks to the euphemistic lyrics and puerile embrace of the cover art oozes big-time sensuality." "...a tightly-wound R&B group with a very, very serious talent for grooves." "...they're so retro but so futuristic as well. Put it this way, if there was a Studio 54 in space, these guys would be the VIP section along with MGMT." "Paragraph’s sound was somewhere between James Brown commanding you to dance and put your hands up and an electro driven dance party."

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