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Parallax biography

There are at least five artists going by the name Parallax: 1. A Melbourne based ambient project exploring issues around technology, the environment, organic and inorganic nature, parallel universes, transcendence, and the Other. 2. Parallax is Ukrainian female-fronted oriental progressive metal band, formed in 2012. At time it released it's debut EP titled Sputnik. 3. In 2001, South Carolina artist Brian Grainger began dabbling in psychedelic and ambient music, and by 2002 he became interested in writing computer-produced (but still organic) songs. Doing simple recordings with a four-track, guitar, organ and a drum machine, he adopted the Parallax moniker and slowly progressed into a unique and expressive aesthetic for himself. By May of 2004, Brian had completed 6 albums under the Parallax name before retiring it and releasing music as Milieu and Coppice Halifax, as well as under his own name. 4. Parallax is artist Mike Buchanan, who released some deep atmospheric drum and bass tunes for Urban Flavour Records. 5. Hip hop Parallax Members:Chance York (emcee) Tyler Jensen (bass, vocals) Marcus Skallman (drums) Eric Burton (machine) Genre:Hip Hop, Other Hometown:Minneapolis, MN 6. Parallax is French prog-rock artist David Colon, who among other projects is re-recording the soundtrack of much-loved 80s sci-fi cartoon Ulysses 31. 7. Parallax is a Hardcore/Metal from Provo Utah. They released one album on Counter Intelligence Records in 2006 titled "Mediums & Messages"

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