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Parallels biography

There are two bands with the name Parallels: 1. Parallels is an electronic group based out of Toronto, Canada consisting of front-woman Holly Dodson (vocals, keyboards), Nick Dodson (drums) and Artem Galperine (live keyboards). Past members include Cameron Findlay (drums, composer, producer) and Joey Kehoe (keyboards). Parallels began in 2008 through an exchange of emails between Holly and former member Cameron Findlay, which turned into their debut single “Ultralight”. After Findlay returned to Toronto at the end of Crystal Castles’ 2008 tour, Findlay and Dodson turned their main focus to the development of Parallels. They found co-writing to be a refreshing break from working solo – each bringing their diverse musical backgrounds to their new project – stemming in ambient electronic music and seventies pop, meshed with cold synthetic sounds. Parallels recorded the material for their first album during 2009 titled Visionaries which was then independently released on Marigold Productions in February 2010. Their second album, XII, was released in June 2012 on Marigold Productions. Official site: 2. Parallels is an unsigned band from Memphis, TN. Download Depths here: They also released "First Mover" on 01/07/11

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