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Paralyzer biography

There appear to be 2 artists named Paralyzer. The first is a straight-edge hardcore band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Brandon Hickle (bass), Robby Wright (guitar) and Carter Gilliss (drums) are all current members of Black Dove. Matt Reed (ex-Youth Empowerment Project) is on vocals. Brandon, Robby, and Matt were formerly in File & Claw together. Lyrics focus upon hope, taking action and anti-establishment/anti-government themes. Riffs are heavily influenced by Terror, but with lots of breakneck feel changes and split-second mosh parts. They released a 5-song Demo. A full-length on Solar Funeral is forthcoming. From their site: "Paralyzer was formed by Brandon, Robby, and Matt after the collapse of their previous band, File & Claw, by adding badass Cincinnati drummer, Carter, to the mix. Paralyzer started destroying America one poorly attended hardcore show at a time in the spring of 2007."

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