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Paranoia biography

There seem to be at least 9 bands with this name: 1) Japanese Heavy Metal band. One of the members, Heath, is the current bass player of X JAPAN (since 1993). 2)ParAnOia hailed from Stoke-On-Trent in Staffordshire, UK during the 1980's. Thanks to the internet there has been an upsurge in interest in the band over recent years. The band came out of obscurity in 1983 with their first releases on Rot Records; a 7" vinyl single entitled 'Dead Mans Dreams' and then an album 'Shattered Glass', which received rave reviews in the music press. The tracks on this page, most of which are live studio recordings are free to download, are and are all previously unreleased and unheard. Although the band decided to 'call it a day' in the latter part of the '80s and no longer perform together, the band members are still very close. 3) Lesser known Basque Rock band, one member later formed Keike 4) East-German Punk band formed 1983 in Dresden in the former German Democratic Republic. Officially Punk never exist in GDR but there was an active scene with a lot groups in underground. Paranoia was demoralised by Secred Security Service in GDR and splitup later, parts of the members form Kaltfront. In 2007 there was a reunion for a few concerts. 5) Polish Grindcore Band 6) A thrash metal band from California, U.S.A. 7) Metal band from Switzerland, first and only record 'Resonant Outbreak' was released in 2006. 8) An international drum & bass trio that includes UK producer J Mogs: 9) Maine-based songwriter Jakob Battick recorded an early four track demo under the name Paranoia in 2007 around the time that 1800s Sea Monster was breaking up before going on to do his Swollen Spring Violets and Mt. Moon projects. He now records and plays under his own name or as Jakob Battick & Friends. 10) An Australian grunge band, formed in 2007 and disbanded in 2009. 11) Hungarian punk/melodycore band. 12) Norwegian hardcore punk band. 13) German Oi/Streetpunk band from Brandenburg.

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