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Para:noir was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan; formed in early 2009. The band's musical concept is "nihilism". Para:noir released their first single, "THE VIRTUES", on December 23rd, 2009. Their second single, "A forlorn hope", was released on April 7th, 2010. The third single, "blindness MARIA", was released on August 18th, 2010. The band's drummer, Iro, decided to leave the band after their first one-man show "Paranoid Personality" on August 21st, 2010 due to musical differences and a lack of enthusiasm towards being a musician. Shortly after, Para:noir added a new drummer to their lineup, Yukino. Para:noir then announced the release of a new mini-album, "the RED in the monochrome", on December 12th, 2010. Alongside the news of a new mini-album, Para:noir also stated that they will release two new singles in February and March, 2010 respectively and that they would be holding their second one-man show in March, 2010. The band has announced that they will split after their live at Shibuya O-West 30 April 2012. Band Members: 茜 (Akane) - Vocalist (ex. julius/julius , now in D.I.D.-until the Day I Die-) 暁-satoshi- - Guitarist (now in D.I.D.-until the Day I Die-) 悠哉 (Yuuya) - Guitarist (ex. サルーイン) 相沢 翔 (Aizawa Shou) - Bassist (ex. ZEXER , now in D.I.D.-until the Day I Die-) 匠 (Shou) - Support Drummer (ex. UnsraW) Former Members: ≒色 (Iro) - Drummer (ex. julius/julius) 雪乃 (Yukino) - Drummer (ex. VanessA) Discography: (2012.04.04) nihilism. (2011.12.07) Amaryllis (2011.12.07) Cosmos (2011.08.03) a 21g meaningless existence (2011.05.21) -BITE the BULLET- (2011.03.16) Paradox (2011.02.23) Identity (2011.02.下旬) 「SHOXX」誌上限定オムニバスアルバム「Explosion showcase」 (2010.12.22) the RED in the monochrome (2010.08.21) PROMINENCE inc. (2010.08.18) blindness MARIA (2010.04.07) A forlorn hope (2009.12.23) THE VIRTUES (2009.08.28) Merciless sorrow

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