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Paranoizer biography

"I'm born on the 8th of june 1984, from the '95/'96's i listen to hardcore, a year later i started bying vinyl. my first record i bought ever is:Bertocucci Feranzano's e-motion ep BZRK005. After a while trying to mix at a friends house i bought self some equiment and more and more records. Then in '97/'98 i discoverd Fasttracker 2, my brother and a dude across the street used it, i tryed and i liked it! a long period between then and know is spend on alcohol, grass and party-ing, i bought less records and i forgot the producing. but a little while a go i just starting to buy vinyl again and some new equipment. after some try outs with FT2 i knew this prog aint good enough anymore, so when ive learnd a new prog, you will hear my own productions banging youre ears! for know you can enjoy my mixing skills, hope you like them!!" --(Paranoizer)

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