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Paranoya biography

There are at least five bands with that name. Paranoya is a Rock Band from Turkey. The formation of the PARANOYA started in 1999, changing the vocal, the final cast of the band is now: Pınar Temiz (vocals), Alper Gemici (Guitars), Cengiz Tural (drums) and Tolga Sakar (bass) The band is working on a demo disc nowadays. Also the official website is under construction. Polish Paranoya has 6 members: Wojtek Patocki - bass guitar Karol Nowak - guitar Grzegorz Janiak - guitar Łukasz Szczęsny - drums Monika Olejnik - keyboards Tomasz Wiktor - vocals This band's history started in 2004 in Działoszyn. The began playing under the name Paranoya two years later. Their music is mostly inspired by Dżem. Official website: There is also Paranoya from Poznań. They play rock but have a lot of inspiration from another types of music. Paranoya has 5 members: Przemek Pawlak - vocal Stefan Czerwiński - guitar Piotr Konieczny - bass Andrzej Zujewicz - trumpet Julian Kulczyński - drums There was also band called Paranoya in Wrocław, Poland, but doesn't exist anymore. 5th band is from Germany.

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