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Pardon Ms. Arden are a brit-pop act from Munich, Germany composed of Dominik Sauter (Nick), Alexander Föllmer (Alex) and Thomas Reicherzer (Tom), on guitars, bass and drums accordingly. They play a mixture of indie rock and pop, sung entirely in English. To date they have released three albums and have built a strong international following. German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung named them as "The great white hope of Southern Germany's indie music scene". In 2010, Pardon Ms. Arden attracted their first deal of media attention with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album and their hit single Let's Get It On which was picked as the soundtrack of a MTV/Sony Ericsson TV advert. The band having supported the likes of The Rifles, Eight Legs, Chikinki, Jack Penate, Killians, and The Posies, and claim a dedicated international fanbase. Their wild mixture of British Pop, Punk, and US-College Power Pop music has gained them the reputation of being a stirring and wild live band. They have to date released three albums, the latest released in August 2011 entitled "Restless Legs", which provides music fanswith "refreshing guitar music, catchy melodies and the sound that comes out of one third of Britain and two thirds of Bavaria", indicating their very mixed heritage.

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