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Prem Parijat, whose name means Beautiful Flower of Love, plays music out of the simple flow of sharing. No ambition or goal. At ten years old, German born Parijat began music school to play the guitar. He was told that his fingers were too small and that he would be more suited for the mandolin. So, he played mandolin until the age of fourteen when he bought his first guitar and began taking serious classical guitar lessons. The technical nature and complicated sophistication of his training began to frustrate him because he felt the pressure to become a virtuoso made the music lose its spontaneity. Many years later on a spiritual quest in India, Parijat began to find his joy and creativity in playing again and realized that the true spirit and nature of his creativity came from a more simple, innocent place. Parijat continues to create his music out of this simple joy and says that, when I play out of the moment, I have the feeling that everything works and that everything is all right. "The music I play is for going in, for meditation, for celebration. It creates and supports a space for relaxation. It is music for the moment. The most beautiful feedback is the silence and space which gets created through the music. It is very precious for me. It is music out of silence for silence." You can also visit Parijat on MySpace:

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