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Paris Violence is a French punk / Oi! group. They appeared in the early 90s, starting to release tapes in the underground circuit and taking part in tape compilations. Thanks to their high standard lyrics, they quickly gained a fervent following, although the band distanced itself from the French punk scene. They soon multiplied official releases, mainly through their own label. These releases include a lot of limited edition vinyl records, split releases with other international Oi! bands, albums, and, due to popular demand, re-releases of their early demo tracks, which many consider to be their best works. Composed of three young musicians in the beginning (Flav, Thierry and Jérôme), only mastermind Flav continues the group, sometimes as a solo artist, directing everything that is paris violence (all instruments on the recordings, sound, artwork - he is an excellent cartoonist -, photography, lyrics...). He sometimes collaborates with Spirou (formerly of Molodoï) and other musicians. Paris violence continues to this day. The musical mood mixes a punk oi sound with influences of metal and experimental sounds. It is not uncommon to hear a blazing solo or a synthesizer in their music.The words evoke gladly a certain Parisian life, composed from dark neighbourhoods and of depressive moods. They do sometimes reference to history and more often to literature their lyrics painting vivid portraits of doomed characters. A literary and pessimistic style characterizes them. Edited by Earquake

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