Parisians top 20 songs


Parisians biography

The Parisians was founded by Michaël and Stevan. They had already written some songs when they met The Libertines in a Parisian hotel in February 2004, which they became friends with. After that memorial meeting, they decided to start a band, and began recruiting members. They played their first gig in April 2004 and from that on, everything went very fast. They played in bars and clubs in Paris, and played in London on Rythm Factory, alongside The Paddingtons. Then they played a lot of gigs in Paris and gained more notoriety. Magazines started to mention them, allowing them to tour around Europe, playing gigs in England, Germany and Switzerland. In October 2005 Michaël has left the band to work on something else. Since then, the boys have taken a break but are still writing songs. Band members: Stevan: guitars/vocals Xavier: guitars Nicolas: bass Clément: drums

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