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Park Ji Yoon is a South Korean pop singer, actress and model. She made her debut at age 13 as a Haetae CF model. Currently she is focusing on her acting career, however her vocal abilities aren't to be overlooked. Park is known for her distinctive music videos, one (Sung In Shik) was so graphic that it was banned from air in many Korean networks. She is well known in Korea and abroard for her acting, singing and modelling skills. She has a B.F.A. from Namseoul University in Environmental Art & Design, but isn't putting this to use at the moment. Her voice has a very pure quality to it which has won her many fans. For her first third albums, Park retained a sweet, innocent approach to her music. However, for her fourth onwards, she decided to partake in some of the production and writing, and created something scandalous. For her return into the music world, Park completely changed her image with Sung In Shik (Coming of Age Ceremony), which had such a shocking music video that it was banned from many Korean networks. In it, you can see Park's hand slip under a running sewing machine (she proceeds to apply the blood as lip-stick), and finally tear apart a gigantic toy bear. This mature, deep and style filled theme continued with the lead music video for her fifth album, Man, in which she dressed as a man, ate maggots and died as her male counterpart killed her with a car bomb. Sadly, she did not continue on this style for her 6th album (In which the shocking music videos were replaced with a shocking amount of hair) She made a comeback in 2009 with her 7th album.

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