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Parker Theory is an indie rock/power pop project from San Diego, California, USA, led by Jesse Pruett. Two Parker Theory songs, "Symptoms of Addiction" and "I Miss You," were featured in the 2011 film "Setup." Beginning in the summer of 2000 by Jesse Pruett, Parker Theory has grown to become a powerful \u2028band with great melodies and unforgettable songs. With lots of emotion and energy this San Diego Rock band leaves you feeling good and wanting more. \u2028\u2028Interest in the independent pop-rock band began shortly after Jesse Pruett formed the band in 2000. Their first recording, a self-titled EP, impressed Steven Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth and opened the door for the band to begin playing some of the great venues in California including Ventura Theatre, Coors Amphitheater, and Biola University. This immediately exposed the band’s infectious melodies to a wide audience. \u2028\u2028After a few years of growing recognition in San Diego, playing many shows and enthusiastic local radio station air play, Parker Theory returned to the studio and recorded their debut album Can Anybody Hear Me in late 2003. \u2028\u2028The album quickly gained attention from radio, labels and fans, and was nominated in the Orange County music awards, and the San Diego music awards alongside some of the biggest names in the San Diego music scene—Switchfoot, Unwritten Law, Jason Mraz, and Slightly Stoopid. The first track “She Said” topped number one on’s pop rock chart and led to Fabtone Records releasing a twenty-song, two-disc recording in Japan, which included Can Anybody Hear Me and songs from the band’s following EP, One Purpose, One Destination, which they wrote and recorded in 2005. \u2028The album Leaving California hit stores in mid 2007 and was released through Rescue Records/Sony Red. It was also released it through Fabtone Records in Japan, Oxigenio Records in Brazil, and Talking Music in Sweden. \u2028Their first single “I Believe” hit radio stations all over the United States. \u2028Following the release of Leaving California the band toured the US and Japan. In 2009 they released the album “A Reason To Believe” in the US, Japan, Brazil and Sweden. In 2011 Jesse released the new album “Meet Me In The Light”. The band has played and toured with acts such as Switchfoot, Smash Mouth, Eve 6, Unwritten Law, Jason Mraz, P.O.D., etc. Discography “Self Titled EP” – Released August 2000 “Can Anybody Hear Me” – Released 2003 “One Purpose, One Destination” – Released 2006 “Leaving California” – Released 2007 “A Reason To Believe” – Released 2009 “Meet Me In The Light” – Released 2011

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