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Paul is a graduate of the Vancouver Community College music program where he studied music composition and classical guitar performance. Upon graduating from V.C.C. in 1994, Paul was hired by local video game developer Radical Entertainment as an in-house composer/sound designer. At this time, Paul also began working as a free-lance, in-house composer for the Digipen institute of Technology. Expanding out from there, Studio X was founded in 1999. After the studio’s success with Homeworld, it continued to further its expertise in the audio world of video games. With various amounts of work on titles like NHL2k, Aidyn Chronicles, Soccer Slam, Homeworld:Cataclysm, Impossible Creatures, Combat Flight Sim2, Triple Play Baseball 2001, Mikita Hockey, Midtown Madness 2 and Kung Fu Chaos, they have definitely kept their skills sharp. Combined with their experience, and success, in TV, Short Films and other media, they have proven that they are not a one hit wonder. Paul Ruskay has been involved in large-scale interactive projects, film, and new media for the past eight years. His responsibilities include project management, contract supervision, and composition/sound design. He brings a wealth of experience from both the film and interactive mediums.

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