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Paul Vinitsky - trance/progressive dj and producer from capital of Russian Federation - Moscow city. He has own radio show "Trance Dance Show", which is broadcasted on huge internet station ETN.FM, some FM stations in Canada & Australia and on other internet radios. In this project Paul cooperates with young producers from different countries. Trance Dance was supported by such artists as Rank-1, Kamil Polner, Sean Tyas, Vadim Zhukov and others. Paul's mixes sounds on crazy number of FM and internet radio stations all over the world. He is often guest on a biggest internet station Digitally Imported (Di.FM). He regularly plays in clubs and open events in Russia and Ukraine. Also Paul produces his own tracks & remixes. His first single "Irony" was supported by many djs from all over the world and was included to big compilations "Trancemaster" и "Trancemission.RU".

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