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Paula Seling has opened for or performed with so many artists touring through Romania that she is known all over the world. In June 2008 she announced plans to release 3 Albums in less than a year, The first one released was her greatest hits of the past 10 years, a hit packed Paula wonderland titled simply “Paula Seling 1998 – 2008” (19 tracks) but chocked full of the very popular Romanain songs. Paula Seling was born in Baia Mare, Romania on December 25th, 1978. During her childhood it was clear that music was in her spirit. Paula started learning piano when she was six and started singing when she was ten. She joined a band when she was fifteen and has continued to perform live ever since. Paula released her first Album in 1996 entitled “True Love”, she recorded the album in Germany. As of May 1st 2010 Paula has 13 Albums completed and has released several HD music videos. Paula has received more than 10 awards in recognition of her exceptional performances both live and recorded. In 2009 she launched her first ever international release , the CD Believe which is the English half of the multilingual release of Culeg Vise (Romana) and Believe (English) The english CD is available worldwide through Paula is trilingual and speaks, writes and performs in French, English and Romana; in addition she performs in Italian. Paula is an outspoken supporter of personal freedoms, individual rights and human rights, she is an inspiration to young people and through her style, grace and humility she provides an example for all of us. Paula Seling and Ovi competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 representing Romania. In front of more than 120 million viewers Paula and Ovi played a duet on a transparent, lighted, piano styled dual keyboard, likely a worldwide first. "Playing with Fire," their entry, is a pop song in English that would play as well in New York, Chicago or LA as it does in London, Oslo or Bucharest. They placed a very respectable 3rd, behind only Germany and Turkey. Bio Summary by S. N. Barrett 2010

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