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Pauline en la Playa is a Spanish pop band formed in Madrid, Spain, in 1997 by sisters Mar Álvarez and Alicia Álvarez who started it as an alternative music project to Undershakers, their first band. After the dissolution of Undershakers in the year 2000, they were centered solely in Pauline en la Playa. Their music is completely sung in Spanish and has influences of jazz, soul and bossa. In 1997, they won a contest on Kras Radio and in 1999 Subterfuge Records edited their first demo, a 6-track mini-cd titled “Nada como el Hogar”. After this debut, they have published 3 more albums under the same label. Pauline en la Playa has played in some of the music festivals that are celebrated in Spain, like the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim in 2004. The name of the band is taken from a film by the same title from director Eric Rohmer from 1983. Complete Discography * 1999 – “Nada como el Hogar” * 2001 – “Tormenta de Ranas” * 2003 – “Termitas y otras cosas” * 2006 - “Silabario” * 2010 - "Física del Equipaje”

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