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Pauline London ( is singer-songwriter , whose music brings together nu-jazz, lounge and soul with subtle electronics. Pauline has an extremely versatile singing approach, mixing different styles and sonority. She has performed in jazz style, showing herself for years in the most prestigious Italian jazz-club, singing standards, pop songs and original compositions of her own. She is also a vocal improviser that moves from tradition of scat singing to enrich it with an interesting phrasing derived from pop, rock and ethnic music. She also teaches in stages of vocal jazz and singing improvisation in Italy and other European countries. Her musical influences go from the latin american music to the greatest jazz vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Mel Tormé, Dianne Reeves to the most refined pop singers like Bjork, Sting, Noa. She also studied Indian music with different teachers from the South and North of India (Karnataka and Dhrupad style) and traditional music from different countries. It has enriched furtherly her interpretative and compositive ability. Pauline’s personality is embellished from her personal research of integration between body, psyche and spirituality. The ten-year practicing of Bioenergetics, a psychobody technique by the American doctor A. Lowen, has developed and expanded her vocality.

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