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Paulinho Moska, often knowly as Moska, is a singer, composer, guitar player and host of Canal Brasil (he hosts "Zoombido") born in Rio de Janeiro, 1967, and is very famous in other countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Japan. Known by the major brazilian public for successes like "O Último Dia", "A Seta E O Alvo" and "A Idade Do Céu", Moska is very much revered by the criticism principally by his works like independent artist, when it began to fuse MPB with minimal electronic music and use more frequently your voice as an instrument. Artists like Maria Rita, Zélia Duncan, Lenine and Adriana Maciel already recorded his works. Nowadays he is considered one of the best songwriters of his generation and hosts a program in a cable channel called "Zoombido" where he meets songwriters to talk about how to write a song. Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1967, Moska got his first guitar when he was 13. Influenced by his brother, who, at that time, used to play Belchior (Brazilian singer) and Led Zeppelin. He learnt their guitar chords and also their first written songs all by himself, supported by friends and family. Moska started to taste fame in his first band, called "Inimigos do Rei" ("king's enemies"), with funny lyrics and a pop swing. Two of their songs appeared at the charts. But he realized that he needed to search for new paths for his music, leaving Inimigos do Rei in 92, for a solo career. After a first rock/pop album "Vontade", he became more interested in philosophy and started to mix pop and Brazilian popular music. Moska is always searching for new mixes, such as electronic and intricate arrangements with his pop-based creation, alongside with brilliant lyrics and touching vocals.

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