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Paulo Sergio was founded in the summer of 2007. They have played their first gig in autumn 2007. After a few shows they hit the studio. Their demo consisted of two songs with Polish lyrics and was released in autumn 2008. Right after the recording session Paulo Sergio met line up changes. Due to problems with finding someone to replace the former drummer, Paulo Sergio went on hiatus. In autumn 2009 they reunited to play some shows and work on new songs. Paulo Sergio again went through line up changes, but nevertheless managed to record 7 new tracks in spring 2010, tracks that they can finally and proudly present to you. Paulo Sergio has so far shared the stage with: Faust Again, Betraying The Martyrs, Apostate, Drown My Day, Ivies, The Old Cinema, Endless Desire, Tonedown, Two Minute Silence, Mortal Storm, Regiment Paulo Sergio feels being a part of metal as well as hardcore scene. Some current band members are commited to Straight Edge and Vegetarianism.

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