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this folksinger, lyricist, composer was born in 22nd March 1949 in Frýdek-Místek[CZ]. His debuts were connected with the bigbeat groups in Ostrava in sixties. The he started to focus on folk and country. As his first folk concert is conciderated the festival Folkový kolotoč in 1983, where he had introduced songs Jarmila, Blažek, Hrušky, Krtci. He became popular in eighties. He made lot of concerts, was playing in radio and TV etc. In his songs he is describing common life topics, everydays situation, in some kind of sarcastic way, but sometimes also in some way of deeper reflection. He is author of hundreds of songs and had produced 9 albums: Skupinové foto (1988), Zátiší s červy (1990), Zpátky do trenek (1992), Live (1993),Něco o Americe (1995), Průzkumný let (1997), Komplet (1999), K svátku (2001), ZUM ZUM ZUM (2002), Banány (2006) Official website:

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