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Pavel Stratan (b. 11 November 1970) is a Moldovan folk singer born in the village of Nişcani, Raionul Călăraşi, Moldova. In 1977, he played the guitar for the first time on stage, at school. In 1983, he wrote his first lyrics, while in 1996 he had his first real show-business experience as a sleight-of-hand artist. He graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Plastic Arts in Chişinău, Moldova. In 2002, he launched his first album, Amintiri din copilărie (Memories of Childhood), in Moldova. In 2004, it was released in Romania, where it sold "like hotcakes" and where Stratan became widely known.[1] Stratan currently lives in Romania with his wife Rodica, an engineer, and daughter Cleopatra (b. October 2002), who already released an album of her own in 2006.

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