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Pawel biography

Born in Poland in 1978, Paul Kominek grew up in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In 1997, he released his debut 12” single “biocenter” on Poets Club Records. A year later, the first 12”s under the name Turner were released on the label Ladomat Records in Hamburg and received instant success among the electronic music scene worldwide. Four albums later, Paul Kominek already looked back on a remarkable career as a musician and a label owner. In 2001, he started the new label dial-rec. with his friends Peter “Lawrence” Kersten and David “Carsten Jost” Lieske. Several productions for film-soundtracks and musicians, such as Andreas Dorau and remixes for various artists such as Ellen Alien, Miss Kitten, Depeche Mode, A-ha etc. completed his output in the past years. Since dial-rec. is now run by David Lieske and Peter Kersten alone, Paul recently accomplished a long planed project and founded his own label Orphanear. Distributed by wordandsound, it will be the new home for Pawel and other exciting projects from long-term friends and newcomers. The Pawel debut album was released in 2010.

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