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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Pawn is an emo/post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA, (1993 to 1994) 2) Pawn is an metal band from Frederick, MD (1996-1998). 3) Pawn is an oshare kei band from Japan. 4) Pawn is a progressive rock band from Visalia (Orosi), California 5) Pawn is an Tokyo-based ambient / electronic musician also known as Hideki Umezawa. 6) Pawn is a dubstep producer/dj from San Francisco. 1) Pawn is an emo/post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA, active from 1993 to 1994. They released a 7" entitled The End of Something on LifeLongLife in 1993 and a 12" entitled Brickredeyes on Archibald in 1994. Their music would appeal to fans of Julia, current, etc. 2) Pawn is an metal band from Frederick, MD from 1996 to 1998. The band released 3 demos during that time. 3) Pawn is an oshare kei band from Japan. Pawn are: Yuna (vocals), Yuu (癒雨, guitar), Yui (唯, guitar), Shin (真, bass) and Naruto (凪瑠斗, support drums). Pawn formed at the end of 2005. They released a live-only CD, "人魚 (ningyo)", in mid-2006 and then released their first single, "クルーエルキャロル (CRUEL CAROL)", in September 2006. In March 2007, tragedy struck as Shou and Kanade left the band just after they had released two further live-only CDs. The three remaining members continued on, however, and found a new support guitarist, Yui, and new support drummer, Naruto. Yui became a full member in August 2007 as the band embarked on a mini-tour, released yet another live-only CD and opened their new website. 4) Pawn is also a progressive rock band from Visalia (Orosi), California United States. When Pawn started about 2 years ago it was not a band at all, just 4 friends getting together to play some less than stunning cover songs. The band really began to take shape about a year later when Rauly and David were both attending COS college. In their spare time they would write songs at David's house until they finally made a short crude recording of a song titled "Our King" This recording boosted the morale of the rest and band and lead them to a change of direction with the band. Emphasizing the fact that we are all just powerless beings controlled by our surroundings the band decided to call themselves Pawn. The name is not to imply weakness however, just the reality that we are only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be. A Pawn CAN defeat a king with the right mindset. The band took on another change with the addition of Gabe Chavez on guitar. Gabe brought a modern new age tone to the existing set up and created the Pawn you hear today. Pawn recorded their Demo in 2007 which ironically contains a revamped version of Pawn's original song "Our King". Pawn now looks to the future, hoping to entertain the rock fans of the valley like so many central valley rock artists before them. 5) Pawn is also an alias for Tokyo-based artist Hideki Umezawa. He has released two albums: "Glass + Breath" in 2009 and "Above the Winter Oaks" in 2010, he also released a couple of EP's and appeared in ambient compilations by labels like Symbolic Interaction and Slow Flow Records. 6) Pawn (born David Sandstrom) is both a member and producing artist of Los Angeles-based dubstep collective SMOG. Currently residing in San Francisco, (the only SMOG artist living outside the City of Angels), his dynamic California-style and charismatic productions place him in a wide range of electronic music genres. Surrounded by the colorful palette of The Golden State's endless musical influences, Sandstrom's productions venture through layers of glitch-hop and jungle, often energized by elements of crunk and painted with the guttural auras of dubstep. After a decade-plus relationship with the Los Angeles drum-and-bass community, Sandstrom joined SMOG in 2008. Inspired by the fresh and rapidly growing bass culture of the LA underground, he quickly landed a fundamental role in pushing Los Angeles dubstep forward. He joined the crew during the height of its endeavor into the more mainstream world, and in 2009 he stepped into a broader spotlight with his remix of hip-hop legends GZA and Ras Kass, featured on "Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep". Soon after, in 2010 he released the Headshot EP (SMOG) - a punchy dance track featuring E.M.U. and the vocals of Atlanta's dub emcee, Word2Jah. Sandstrom features several collaborative and remixed works with artists The Glitch Mob, CC Sheffield and SMOG artists 12th Planet, E.M.U., Kelly Dean, and Steady. He is currently working on remixes for The Sounds (Sweden) and Lukeino of Sublife records Recently featured in Big Up Magazine as one of the next "Big Up and Coming" artists, Pawn keeps the ball rolling with his first album Close the Lights set for release late 2011.

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