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After the disbandment of vocalist K's previous band GUN DOG in 2005, he recruited four members and formed Pay Money to My Pain in Japan. K (vocals), (passed away on Dec. 30th, 2012),PABLO (Guitar), JIN (Guitar), Tsuyoshi (Bass) and ZAX (Drums) began to produce songs by themselves before getting noticed quickly by the record label, VAP. From there, they released their first major single "Drop of Ink" on December 6, 2006. Several months later, they ventured to California where they recorded their first album, Another day comes, which was released on the September 12, 2007. This album included "Home", the Buzzer Beater ending song, and "Another Day Comes" the ending song for Ultraseven X. JIN left the band in the early 2008. In May 2008, the band announced on their official MySpace that a new EP was in the works. In June, the EP was finished as "Writing in the Diary" and was released on July 30, 2008. The band's song, "Bury", from the album "After you wake up", was featured as the opening theme to the anime One Outs. Another of their songs, "The Answer is Not in the TV", was featured in Konami's game Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. On June 9, 2010 they released their new EP "Pictures" and a DVD sold separately. PTP will release a new album called "Remember the name"on January 26th. This will be the band's first full-length album since after you wake up. Remember the name will feature the previously released song Pictures. In January 2013 they announced their singer K (Kei Goto) passed away on December 30th, 2012 due to acute heart failure in his home in Yokohama even though he went on rehab in late 2012. Official site: Myspace: myspace

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