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Pay TV changed the sound of the Eurovision Song Contest forever when they presented their song ”Trendy Discotheque” at the Swedish part of the contest 2004. Although they didn't win, the song became a major hit in Sweden and made many devoted underground Electroclash fans angry by presenting this kind of music in such a mainstream context as the Eurovision Song Contest. Pay TV consists of the three glamour girls Chanelle, Claudia and Neena. They had never performed together as a group before the song Trendy Discotheque was written for them, but they had met many times at various clubs and exclusive shops around Europe. When they heard the song they immediately understood that it was meant for them, it was a perfect reflection of their lifestyle, morals and values. Chanelle used to be a model at one of the most repected agencies in Milan, she did numerous of jobs for commercials and glossy fashion magazines. In a TV Ad for an Italian brand of toothpaste she was asked to sing the funny toothpaste song and then discovered that she had a lovely voice. Claudia graduated from Peckham Rye’s School of Business in 1998 but didn't start work at the London Stock Exchange as most of her school mates. Instead she started her own import/export company and at the same time she was involved in the South East London theater and musical scene. Neena had a musical career before Pay TV when she formed her punk band Bambi-Sluts in Berlin in the late 90s. They gained reputation for their wild stage performances, but were constantly misunderstood and never got a record contract. The dynamic trio met at a party in Munich and then stayed close friends. When they were offered to perform Trendy Discotheque it all became obvious for them, they suddenly had a purpose in life, they were meant to be superstars.

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