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There are 6 bands using the name PCP: 1) РСР (Perforated Cerebral Party) was formed in 1996. Participants of many official and unofficial open-airs, performed almost in every club of St. Peterburg (Russia) and across the country. Formers of the first russian independant label of electronic music Perforated Records. That's where the first albums of such bands as EU, Klutch and РСР itself were published. They are the creators of a Plug&Play brand — the name of the first festival of experimental electronic music (1997) in the post Soviet history. Discogs Biography on Russian-Techno.com 2) PCP (Północ Centrum Południe) is also a fusion of three polish hip-hop groups from Warsaw, Cracow and Gdansk: JWP, Intoksynator and Deluks. They released one album in 2004, which is called "Polnoc-Centrum-Poludnie". They are well known from their featurings in other polish hip-hop albums released by artists like WWO, Zipera, WACO or O$ka. 3) PCP (Planet Core Productions) is a Frankfurt based hardcore production team created in 1989 by Thorsten Lambart and Marc Trauner which gave birth to numerous aliases and labels. Most notably is Planet Core Productions and Dance Ecstasy 2001. The project PCP performs Live Acts since 1989. http://www.p-c-p.de 4) PCP - Psycho + Logical - Cypress Hill - The Psycho Realm. DJ Muggs, Sick Jacken & Necro. DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins), Sick Jacken (The Psycho Realm/Sick Symphonies) & Necro (Psycho+Logical Records). Though They are in the early beginning stages of this project, They explain how the idea came about Including How each predicts what they will bring with their own individual touches, including what they have done thus far as PCP. Many have been curious what PCP is, it will be, no doubt, a creative collaboration. http://www.myspace.com/pcpnyla Exclusive interview on soulassassins.com 5)The PCP band is made by two young bwoyz, Flip and Boost from small town Motovun in Croatia. Hiphop is in their lives almost 8 years. They are both MC's, but Flip is also behind PCP's music production. In their songs you can hear mainly hiphop filled with jungle, dnb, jazz, funk, dubwise... They have one demo album called "Old school is back" which had the main goal to return " The real and old school rap". Last two years they are more into jungle sound. Flip makes his own jungle tunes and tries to connect them with PCP as you can hear in their crazy hit "Come with us".They had many collaborations and shows with many local and foreign artists like Danny Boy, Target, Connect, Djecaci, Edo Maajka, Popay MC, Elemental, Fanatiks, Kandzija, Kingston family, RCola, Tricky D, Dehavenaren... 6) Alias of UK producer James Sammon, best known for 1994 single "That Whitney Song". Also known as "Piano City Productions".

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