Peak top 20 songs


Peak biography

1) Born in 1976 in the midlands of southern Italy, Paolo Picone aka Peak, started his musical activites in 1991, as a drummer at the age of 15. In 1995 he began to compose electronic music with samplers, drum machines and midi sequencers. He founded the Mou project in 2001, hailed by the press as one of the most important dub'n' bass live bands in Italy. One year later Mou started performing live at the main italian alternative clubs and festivals like ArezzoWave, Leoncavallo, Officina99, Agricantus, with a tour numbering over 50 gigs in all italian regions. In 2003 Paolo founded the Soundabbast booking and events agency, setting up events with main international electronic artists as Deadbeat, Burnt Friedman,, Rechenzentrum, Marco Messina, etc... Peak was the cofounder of the Aquietbump netlabel which was launched in 2005. The "So Quiet" EP is the first release with this solo project, exploring Dub and Landscape Music at same time. 2) A young starting band from the Netherlands with as main genres rock and pop. Two members (Jim, leadsinger and Roel, drummer) remain from the initial band 'Apocalypse' which split up in the summer of 2004. Soon new members joined in, guitarist Casper, on bass guitar Coen and Thijs on keys. 3) A pop- rock band from Thailand 4) Formed in Adelaide, South Australia, PEAK is the duo of Robert Reekes-Parsons and Paul Fisher. Both men are multi-instrumentalists, with Reekes-Parsons gravitating more to keyboards and Fisher to guitars.

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