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He was born in the city of Porto. He initiates his musical studies in 1972, passing through the School of Music of Porto, having, in 1978, initiated the instrument study - contrabass, instrument of which will be professor in the School of Jazz of the Hot-Club of Lisboa and in the School of Music of Porto. He is founding of the School of Jazz of Porto, where he teaches the chairs of Harmony, Trainings Auditory and Group Music, and where establishes and diriges the Orchestra of the School of Jazz of Porto. He composes and executes songs for some films and plays. With the band Bandemónio, he writes, composes and records for the Polygram multinational he's first record, "Viagens". With four records of edited originals, it obtained to get a total of 11 Platinum Records. He was awardee with four Blitz Awards, a Bordalo Press Award, a Golden Globe and some prizes from radios and other institutions.

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