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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1959. Formed, in 1978, with Charly García, David Lebón and Oscar Moro, the group Serú Girán, considered by audiences and critics alike to be a landmark in Argentine Rock music, which left a legacy of 10 albums, attendance records and an influence that transcends generations. In 1983 he joined the Pat Metheny Group as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. This line-up of the acclaimed group performed around the world and won three Grammy Awards for "First Circle" (1984),"Letter from Home" (1989) and "The Road to You" (1993). Wrote the scores for the following films: - "Hombre mirando al sudeste" (1987)("Man Facing Southeast") - "Ultimas imágenes del naufragio" (1990)("Last Images of the Shipwreck") - "El camino de los sueños" (1993)("The Path of Dreams") - "No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas" (1995)("Don't Die Without Telling Me Where You're Going") - "El mundo contra mí" (1996) ("The World Against Me") - "Buenos Aires, 2067" (Stunt show) (1997) - "Cómplices" (1998)("Accomplices") - "Indocumentados" (2004) - "Un buda" (2005) Works as producer, composer, arranger, instrumentalist and singer on recordings and on stage with some of the most prominent artists of Argentina and the world. Gives lectures and clinics on recording, mixing and record production, as well as artistic creativity. Published in 1992 his poetry book "Pruebas de Fuego", re-released in 2005 by Longseller. Leads his own group since 1993, with which he explores the roots of Argentine and Latin American popular music, imparting to it a unique and personal contemporary feel contributed, in equal measure, by his ample experience in other styles such as Rock and Jazz, his constant openness to new tendencies as well as his investigation of old traditions. Has released eleven solo albums: - "Pedro Aznar" (1982) - "Contemplación" (1985) - "Fotos de Tokyo" (1986) - "David y Goliath" (1995) - "Cuerpo y alma" (1998) - "Caja de música" (2000)(Songs on poems by Jorge Luis Borges) - "Huellas en la luz" (2001)(Music for Films) - "Parte de volar" (2002) - "En Vivo" (2002) - "Mudras-Duets" (2003) - "Aznar canta Brasil" (2005) (on CD and DVD) and over eighty with other artists.

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