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Pedro Collares, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,. Now based in Barcelona, Spain. Multi-instrumental musician, musical producer and a sound therapist. Specialized in the Hang contemporary instrument of Swiss origin. Investigator of exotic sounds and its healing vibrations. 1998 Theory and musical perception course in UNI RIO (University of Rio de Janeiro). 2006 Initiated as Oneness Blessing giver at the Oneness University (India). 2008 Graduated as an electronic music producer in SAE Barcelona and sound therapist by the International Sound Therapy Association. In his work he uses the power of sound as a bridge for the opening of the heart and the natural states of oneness. With his Hangs, Monocordio, and Overtone chants, and other instruments has performed world wide bringing peace, harmony and serenity with his music. Performances: 2010: Apr: Golden Temple, Barcelona Spain May: III Congreso Ciencia y Espiritu, Barelona. Yoga Vidya Musik Festival, Horn-Bad Meiberg, Gramany. Jun: Sat Sangha IV Bienal de Yoga, Banyoles, Spain. Agu: Boom Festival, Portugal Sept: 1rst Geneva Yoga Conference, Switzerland 2009: Feb: Buda Bar, Barcelona. Apr: "Fira per la Terra", Barcelona. International Oneness Conference, Milan, Italy. Mar: I Congreso Ciencia y Espiritu, Barcelona. July: Festival du Teatre, Avignon, France. Sep: Pasarela Gaudi, Madrid, Spain. Nov: Festival Harmonia, Barcelona. Dharshams of Amma, Barcelona. Hatha Yoga Center, Geneve, Switzerland. 2008: May: Sapnish Oneness Conference, Zaragoza, Spain. Aug: 10 days Tour in Germany with the group Oneness Sound. Fira de Tarrega, Tarrega, Spain Sep: European Oneness Conference, Congress Centrum, Hannover, Germany. Nov: Opening of the Happy Yoga "Ca la Baba", Palafugel, Spain. Dharsham of Amma, Barcelona. Dic: CCCB for the Catalan Buddhist meeting, Barcelona. New year "Kula Celebration", Granollers, Spain. 2007: Aug: Spiritual Cafe, Barcelona Festival de Tarrega, Spain. Nov: Dhasham of Amma, Barcelona. 2006: Feb: Dharsham of Sri Bhagavan , Oneness University, India Dic: International Oneness Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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