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Pedro Del Mar is one half of Germany's leading brethren for dance music and is known and respected for various things. He already had numerous releases in about 60 countries, did different remixes for leading acts and DJs, has two successful radio shows and runs an own record company. But let's go step by step through his work. Radio shows: Pedro Del Mar runs two own radio shows on Germany's leading and most important dance radio station "Sunshine Live". After spinning regularly at the stations prime time shows for years he developed together with his brother DJ Shah the concept of a show called "Melomania". Just a few weeks later in 2001 the show started and gained big applause. After more than one year at the afternoon prime time from 6-8pm, the station had no other possibility than moving the show from afternoon to evening and renewed it from a two to a four hours show. "Melomania" is today one of the most successful and influencing dance radio shows in Germany. DJs and companies from UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Japan and the rest of the world are watching the playlists. But also his second show at the same station has a mass appeal. Each Wednesday from 10-12pm he runs the show "Global Mix" where he broadcastes the world's leading DJs, e.g. Judge Jules, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, Lange, Timo Maas, Mauro Picotto, DJ Sammy, Paul Oakenfold and a lot more. Both shows are very unique what made Pedro Del Mar as well as DJ Shah both being a Top 5 radio DJ in Germany. Productions and Remixes: Pedro Del Mar is able to look back to releases in more than 60 countries world-wide with the main focus on his solo singles. His single "Harder?!" has been released in more than 50 countries, from UK to South Africa, from Japan to Australia, from Canada to Mexico and the whole Europe. Next to global top dance charts positions "Harder?!" also entered the UK Sales Charts. The track has been released on the best labels, like Black Hole (NL), Zomba (UK), Jive (DK), Dos Or Die (GER), JVC Victor (JAP) or Vale (ESP). The success of the track started with a release on the own label "Club Traxx ! Rec." which has got hold by Judge Jules himself! But together with DJ Shah and Ole Van Bohm he doesn not only produce stuff under his name, but has various other projects signed to major companies! It was just a question of time until international major companies ask them doing Remixes for leading acts like Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Three Drives, Dark Monks, Future Breeze or Hemstock & Jennings. In summer 2003 Pedro Del Mar and DJ Shah are mixing a huge compilation for the US market as well as the one or the other own compilation in Germany. Own company: Pedro Del Mar also runs an own record company called "Shah-Music". Behind this name you'll find a publishing company, four different labels, a production company, a promotion and booking agency and a lot more. Started with just one label in 1995 the company was growing and growing and is nowadays one of Germany's leading independant record companies with about two releases per month. Their main acts are Hemstock & Jennings, Yoji Biomehanika, DJ Shah, DJ T-Kay, Pedro Del Mar and productions of popular producers such as Marc Van Linden or DJ Sakin. Releases on their labels Shah-Records, Club Traxx ! Rec. and Melo Stripes have been played by Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Alex Gold, Dave Pearce, Cosmic Gate, Scot Project and many many more. The high quality of Shah-Music tracks brought the company partners in about 60 countries world-wide.

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