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PEDRO SUÁREZ-VÉRTIZ , is a Peruvian artist. Was born on February 13th, pianist of vocation, he knew that he could not manage the public very well being sitting before a piano. When he was already a teen, he discovered the guitar and the Rolling Stones who finally madden the precocious artist. When you talk to PEDRO SUÁREZ-VÉRTIZ , his freedom appearance, his talk and his absentminded look, get first your attention, but behind that image, he keeps very particular opinions about life, fame and the music. He started to speak when he was only nine months old and he sang HEY JUDE of THE BEATLES before he started to walk, he was not yet attended school when he already played the piano and the guitar, lover of the musical films and of the ROCK'N'ROLL of the 50's. Of family descendant of great artists, sculptores, plastic artists, poets and writers, Pedro wrote narratives since he was a little child and he used to paint very well up to he watched on televisión the film A HARD DAY'S NIGHT what made him to tend to the musical composition.

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