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Peel biography

There is more than one artist with this name. 1.) A US indie band from Austin, TX 2.) A Norwegian alternative/indie/rock band formed in 1999. 1.) Peel is an indie band from Austin, TX and is signed to Peek-A-Boo Records. Their debut self-titled album was released in February 2007. The EP 'August Exhaust Pipes' was released in May 2008 as a tour EP. Official web site is 2.) Peel released their first single in 1999 signed to Coco Pelli Records. The Single was "alright freak". In 2001 they released their self-titled album at Edel Records. In November 2008 they released a four track E.P. "Die In June" at the label Peelgrim Records. Peel today is: Pim (lead vocals, guitar), Bertzkii (drums), Dan (guitar/vocals), Bjorn (guitars/keyboards) and Frikk (bass/vocals). Official web site is

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