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UNTZ UNTZ Records Blog: Pelifics is 30yrs old Eirik Seu Stokkmo from Oslo, Norway. He is a rather successful graphic designer and has made heaps of logos and stuff that you see every day. Check out his TEIPU company. Now he also makes music. And I can not praise this music enough. Discodust Pelifics is half Italian, half Norwegian and works as a graphic designer in Oslo, Norway. Besides graphics, typography (obviously) and music (even more obvious) are the other things he loves. He is influenced by a lot of 80s pop and disco music, because 'a lot of music from that era appears very lighthearted and catchy, but at the same time it often has a bitter sweet melancholy to it'. Disco Workout Pelifics has managed to bring italian pop to the northern lights of Oslo, Norway. Every Pelifics track beams with visions of pop locking dancers or blonde haired vocalists in orange mini skirts. Beyond the italo homage the tracks have a bleak undercurrent that creates a unique depth to Pelifics‘ music. Pelifics Myspace Homepage

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