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Two artists share this name Pendleton is a four piece punk band from Manchester, UK. They were formed in 2000 and went through several incarnations before becoming Pendleton in 2002 when all of the current members met at the University of Salford. They are currently signed to Angry Penguin Records in the USA and Bells On Records in Europe and Japan. Pendleton released their debut EP "You, by Us" in the UK in August 2006 on (the now defunct) Distort Manchester Records. The release garnered some critical acclaim with punk music website describing Pendleton as "the best skate punk band in the UK". A video for the song "Falling Apart to Double Time" was released at the same time and was played on rotation on MTV2, notabley on the 'Headbangers Ball' show presented by Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. After several months of touring to promote the release Pendleton were picked up by Bells On Records Japan who released an extended version of the EP in Japan in January 2007. Angry Penguin Records also signed Pendleton and subsequently released the extended edition of "You, by Us" in the USA in May 2007. The extended versions of the EP contained bonus songs off Pendleton's previous self-released EP "Stamp out the Japanazis". Their debut album "The Difference" was released in July 2008, it was recorded and produced by John Naclerio of My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Just Surrender and Bayside fame. Pendleton is also a Swiss artist, whose real name is Gregory Wicky. Songs include Stories Like These and All the Dust in the World, from the record No Dragons on These Streets. He has also released the record Grounded for a Year.

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