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Penny Tai 戴佩妮 (Simplified: 戴佩妮 Pinyin: Dài Pèi Nī English: Penny) (born April 22, 1978 in Johor, Malaysia) is a Malaysian Chinese singer and songwriter in the Mandopop scene. Since her debut in 2000 she has released ten albums. Holding the record in Malaysia Book of Record as the composer who composed the most songs in Malaysia, Penny Dai has written all the songs she has released so far. She also written a number of songs for other artists. Penny was perhaps best known for her single, 你要的爱/Ni Yao De Ai (The Love You Want) which is the theme song for the popular TV drama, Meteor Garden. Penny's persistence in her music's originality has led her to her success today. Her album "So Penny...好佩妮" was by far her best selling album, an album with a collection of her greatest hits and 4 new songs.

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