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Penpals are a band from Japan and are responsible for the opening theme for the anime 'Berserk', titled "Tell me Why" among many others, and have currently released a number of Albums, singles, and music DVDs. The band broke up in 2005 with Takashi joining REVERSLOW. After reuniting all of their original members in February of 2011, PENPALS has announced that they will be releasing an album with new songs including a self-cover of their hit song “TELL ME WHY“, which gained popularity as the opening theme song to the anime “Berserk“, for the first time in eight years on July 25th. The album titled 「PAST REST SUMMER」 Band members -Kinya Kamijou - Drums -Seiya Kamijou - Guitar -Hayashi Munemasa - Bass & Vocals -Yosihito Hirai - Bass (joined in 2002) Yosihito Hirai joined PENPALS after his previous band, YOUNG PUNCH, broke up. Then Munemasa started playing Rhythm guitar. Hayashi Takashi disbanded and formed the group REVERSLOW, which was a side-band around 2004. Albums * PENPALS (1997 July 20th) * AMERICAMAN (1998 April 22nd) * RIGHT NOW (1999 September 16th) * PAST LAST SUMMER (2000 September 13th) * 2nd coming (2001 October 24th) * Super Powerless (2001 December 5th) * PLAY ROCKS (2002 October 30th) * THERE'S NO GREATEST HITS (2003 March 12th) * ROCK'EM ALL (2004 January 21st) * LET GO e.p. (2004 July 28th) *「PAST REST SUMMER」(2012 July 25th)

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